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Some frequently asked questions & common issues.


Adding a barcode scanner is easy & simple. - Simply Plug-in the barcode scanner in your computer.
- If there is some driver provided with the scanner then install it.
- Point the cursor to any field in POS where you want to insert the barcode and scan the barcode.
- Then The scanner will automatically scan and input the barcode value to the input field.

- Don’t add Tax Rates in settings
- Go to Settings – Business Settings.
- Uncheck “Enable inline tax in purchase and sell
-Uncheck “Enable Price & Tax info
-Select “Default Sale Tax” as None
To enable taxes reverse those steps.

First, setup the Email SMTP and/or SMS details in Business settings.
- SMS Documentation
- Email SMTP Documentation
- Go to Notification Template
- Under Customer Notification you will see New Sales notification.
- There you will find the option to enable Auto Send Email & Auto Send SMS, enable it and save.
- Now when ever you make a sales a Email or SMS notification will be send to customer.
- If there is any errors in Email or Sms configuration then sales will not be submited so test them carefully.

To disable printing of receipts, go to Settings -> Business Locations -> Click on Setting for the business location where you have to disable printing, make “Auto print invoice after finalizing:” as No.

Stock Adjustment helps you decrease the goods you hold in stock, you can enter manual stock adjustments. It’s generally used to write-off damaged stock, or to adjust quantities after a stock take.
- First, go to “Add Stock Adjustment
- Select the Business Location & date
- Select Adjustment Type (Normal Or Abnormal). Normal Or Abnormal is generally used to classify adjustment.
- Generally Normal Adjustment meaning: Adjustment for normal reasons like Leakages
- Abnormal meaning: Adjustment for reasons like Fire, Accident
- Add the products & quantity you want to decrease the product.
- Total amount recovered: Sometimes you can recover some amount from the damaged stocks, like from insurance claims, selling of scraps etc. If there is no amount recovered then you can simply make it 0.

To activate your free subscription go to Settings -> Package Subscription -> navigate to the buttom then select Free Package
Congratulation! you have now activated the package successfully.

First go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Modules -> Then check
- Tables
- Service Staff
- Modifiers
- Kitchen

Note 1: Enabling Tables & Service Staff will automatically enable Bookings module.
Note 2: Enabling Tables & Service Staff will automatically enable the reports for it. “Table Report” & “Service Staff Report”.

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