Our App Features

Here are the most special application features and there is more to discover.

Invoice already filled

Instant Invoice & Quote

Create invoice instantly,Choose the layout that fits you, convert from quote, email PDF to customer, Or Share with your customer an automated URL generated for the invoice, The customer can print it without they having to login to the system. The link can also be sent by Email or By SMS. To send url in Email/SMS notification add it in notification template using the url tag. Then you can track it, create recurring invoice. Create invoice for Kit
Multi-Currencies & Languages

Many languages support in invoice, create invoice with foreign currencies, reconcile account with base currencies.

Invoice Templates

Create your own invoice template, advanced customization, upload your logo, create terms & conditions once and use in all invoices.


Process payment for each invoice and generate account report instantly. You can restrict only your accountant to use this module.You can offer various online payment gateway options (such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe)

Dashboard and Report

What is selling and what is not? What is your cash standing and tax liabilities? Get insight of your invoices and business.

Preview of An invoice

Invoice Preview

Before sending any invoice to a client it can be previewed on screen and you can change the status of the invoice from draft to final and paid to partially paid to not paid or Shipped to Partially shipped or Not shipped and many more features. This feature allows you to quickly edit or amend the invoice before saving it to the system or sending it to the client.
Create Invoices templates
DataZomo’s Sales Order Module allows you to enter customers, products and Quick Lists all from drop-down lists. Double click any line item to see what's in stock and what's back-ordered. All pricing discounts for specific customer/product combinations are saved and automatically entered as the parts are entered onto the Sales Order. Add notes to the Sales Order as a whole or to each line item individually. Also, if customers request a quote, you can save the Sales Order as one. Then, once the customer agrees to the quote, simply issue it as an official Sales Order and you're done.
Quote to Cash

Create a sales order from a quote by just one click. No data input is required. Track the original quote from Sales Order.

Order Fulfill

Ship all line items of the order in one go or split the order. You can pick, pack, ship and track the remaining orders. Invoices are auto generated.

Returns Drafts and Cancels

Handle returns cancels and drafts. For return it tracks original invoice and generates a list of negative invoice.

Filter automatically sales and Pos in one click.

The system automatically generate a list of sales added by user and the list of pos. detailed explanation of the POS System in this section.

Manage invoices
Which vendors have you purchased from in the past? Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time? DataZomo automatically saves and organizes that vendor information and displays it in an easy-to-use, helpful fashion. When you're ready to reorder, just click the Reorder Point button on a particular item and DataZomo will create the Purchase Order for the correct vendor and let you make any last-minute modifications. DataZomo makes purchasing a snap!
  • Create purchase order for goods or services. Instantly generate purchase reports.

  • Streamline your purchases through approval And the item purchased can be visible in the inventory until its approved.

  • Control purchases though budget. Easy to set cost center and track remaining budget.

  • Create a purchase order in multiple currencies. Budget and report are auto adjusted.

  • Receive order and auto generate bills. For goods – receiving goods auto generates the bills and adjust inventory.

  • You can add payment method for the purchase, from the list of purchases screen or while adding a purchase or you can add payment even for a contact.

  • You Can Attached a file for a purchase it can be a note.. and also you can add tax, discount, Shipping charges/details and much more.
Automatic email Bailling

Email Billing

If you wish, a secure online payment link can be sent with any invoice or send invoice Url, making it simple for your clients to manage payments, and you can customize to the fullest your notification template it can be an Email or an SMS and get paid quickly without any effort just teach DataZomo how to do it.
Pay Securely

Accept Payments Online - Securely

You can offer various online payment gateway options (such as PayPal, Stripe...) for simple and secure online transactions. Your clients can also be given options to pay 'offline' by cheque or direct bank deposit and on receiving payment it is an easy process to confirm and set any invoice as paid.
Choose how you will get paid

Deposits & Partial Payment

Whether you are being paid online or 'offline' your system will allow you to enter deposits and partial payments for any invoice, and the system automatically saves the amout paid and the amout that still needs to be paid, this system allows the user to reduce the amount owing for that specific invoice. DataZomo will log each payment to allow you to manage the account efficiently.
Manage you term of payment

Manage your Terms of Trade

Upload 'Terms & Conditions' (Terms of Trade) documents that can be automatically attached to all invoices issued by your DataZomo system. Our system allows you to customize your invoices to the fullest create the perfect multipiles invoices themes that suits your business and save them. Also as part of the payment process clients will need to acknowledge these Terms & Conditions, placing your business in a much better position when it comes to collecting overdue payments. If your Terms & Conditions vary according to the nature of the product or service you are invoicing for, you can upload documents to cover this and tailor for specific clients and invoices.
Manage you term of payment

Expenses & Income Tracking

Add expenses anywhere from any device. You will be able to add your expenses from your PC or mobile and attach a picture of your receipts. Assign the expenses to a client or a supplier and invoice him for it.Track what you spendwith a powerful expense report. Finance Reports can be filtered by Clients, Category, Vendors, or staff for any date range.

Manage your profits and losses

Profit & Loss Report

In a few steps, profit and loss reports will show your total revenue, expenses, and your net income. Choose a period: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Choose your income from invoices and a date range, and the report will gather all your expenses and income from invoices and calculate your net profit.

Manage you term of payment

Go Paperless and Be Organized

Say goodbye to discolored, ripped receipts. Attach supplier receipts directly when processing an expense to ensure accuracy, and builds a comprehensive audit trail. And also you can put your expenses in Different categories, Vendors, or clients and upload all your receipts to our system and stay organized without the clutter of receipts.

Track your staffs incomes salaries..

Track your Staff

Track every expense added by your staff with our powerful expenses reports, and see where your money goes with a customizable expense report.

Manage your Income with advanced reports

Track your Income

You can track every income entering the system with advanced reports just teach DataZomo how to do it and he will take care of the rest.
DtaZomo | How a point of sale system work on a supermarket
Manage your Income with advanced reports


Accept every way your customers want to pay.

Accept credit cards For example Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and rewards cards—all at the same rate.

image of payment methods

Cash Payments

Cash Payment

Accept every way your customers want to pay.

Get paid cash Used when customer pay the exact amount of invoice by cash. If the customer pays less or more amount then the invoice amount then use Multiple Pay to get change return.

Track Sales Data

View Quantity, Stock History, Cost History, and Price History with one click.

Intuitive Search

Find your products faster by typing the product name, stock number, barcode, or description in the search bar.

Mass Upload Items

Easily add your products to the DataZomo by uploading a CSV file.

Print Barcodes

Generate individual or multiple barcodes using Dymo LabelWriter or just a regular printer.

Purchase Order

Keep a track of your inventory orders from your suppliers.

Email Receipts

E-mail receipts automatically to customers to save on printing costs.

Advanced Functions

Open Price, Split Payments, Layaways, Reward Points, Round Off Decimals — the list goes on and on!

Smart Tax Management

Choose between inclusive or exclusive, single or multiple, branch-specific or item-specific taxes.

Effortless Selling

Selling in DataZomo is as easy as ABC. Simply create your products and start selling!

Analyze Sales Data

Your sales can be seen in graphs so you can understand it better.

Advanced Reports

Analyse your business with professional reports like Top trending Products / Profit vs Losses and the list goes on, +16 reports available

Track Sales by Salesman

Gauge the performance of every salesman in your store by seeing how much each one is selling.

Manage your Clients

Managing your Clients

By using DataZomo you can track the full detailed activities history for each of your clients (his Invoices, Estimates, payments, sent emails and others details) plus overview reports and statement which you can send to him via email easily. Quick and advanced search tools let you manipulate the needed information about your clients quickly and easily.

Manage your Suppliers

Managing your Suppliers

By using Data Zomo you can Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier),
View details of transactions with a contact and also total of Credit/Debit balance amount. And with our advanced algorithm you can define pay term and get payment alerts weeks before the due date.
Multiple Businesses and store fronts

Multiple Business/Shops

By using DataZomo you can set up multiple businesses in the application also you can set to every business a location that means multiple locations to one business, and no restriction on numbers of businesses, and every inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.

Multiple WareHouses

Add Location / Storefronts / Ware House

DataZomo offers to his customers the latest technologies forget about manual work automate almost everything, your can Create multiple locations for your business/shop manage all of them at the same time.
Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.
Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location.


Manufacturing is the process by which raw materials are transformed into finished products. The role of the DataZomo manufacturing module is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations specific to a streamlined manufacturing process.

How to use our manufacturing sofware :

Creating Recipe:

1. To add a new recipe, go to Manufacturing -> Recipe

2. Click on Add button, it will open a popup, select the product for which you want to add recipe

3. Add all ingredients/raw materials, wastage percentage & final quantity.

Wastage percentage mentioned here is wastage for the raw ingredients which happens when the ingredient is cleaned, for example in cabbage some % is wasted when leaves & stems are removed. If the raw materials you’re using doesn’t have wastage you can keep it 0 %, which is default.

Raw Ingredients: Raw ingredients are taken from the list products. You can mark a raw ingredient as “Not For Sale” if it is not used for selling individually. For example Some Raw ingredients like butter can be sold, some cannot be.

4. Wastage %: Enter the wastage for final product which can happen because of bad quality or other reasons.

5. Total Output Quantity: Output quantity for which you entered the recipe.

6. Production Cost: Production cost in %, it is calculated from raw ingredients cost.

7. Recipe Instructions: Steps to be followed for production of final product from ingredients.



The Production module enables you to view and manage any goods that you may want to produce in your inventory management process. You can record the processes involved in producing finished goods from component stock. This is ideal for users who can create their own products from raw materials or kit-sets.

How to use our manufacturing module for production:

Adding Production:

1. To add production go to Manufacturing -> Add Production

2. Reference No: Optional reference number, you can keep it blank to auto-generated it.

3. Business Location: Select the business location where production is done. Raw ingredients stocks will be deducted from this location & final manufactured product stock will be added to this location.

4. Product: Select the product for manufacturing. based on selected product it will display all the Raw ingredients from recipe added.

5. Quantity: Quantity of final product to manufactured. Based on this Raw ingredients quantity will be calculated from recipe.

6. Input Quantity: Input quantity raw ingredients which will be used for production.

7. Wastage Percent: Waste percentage of raw ingredients. For example, if you took Cabbage 1 KG, and 200 grams is wastage then wastage percentage is 20%, so 800 grams will be final quantity.

8. Final quantity: Input Quantity – Wastage Percent

9. Wasted Quantity: Wastaged quantity of final product for any reasons.

10. Production Cost: Production Cost percentage of ingredients cost.

11. Finalize checkbox: Check this checkbox to finalise the production, this will remove the stock of raw ingredients & add stocks for manufactured product. After finalise the production cannot be edited.
Manage Orders

Manage Orders

Create Purchase Orders and Sales Orders in minutes. Inventory automatically integrates with order management. You can manage all contacts, communications and reminders from a single place.

Manage Orders

Track a Lot or Batch

Some businesses need to track lot or batch of the items. It is specially important for pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries. If you need to track lot or batches of the items then assign lot ID or batch number to items and track them across warehouses, sales and purchases.

Drop Ship

Drop Ship

Whether you fulfill all orders from a single inventory, distribute from multiple warehouses, drop-ship, track lots, kit or bundle items Datamoto provides centralized inventory control so you can easily maintain an accurate record of inventory levels and value and more.

Bill of Material

Bill of Material

Create or assemble new product out of existing product from the inventory. Once you create a BoM, stock level of all the individual items are deducted immediately and the BoM will be seen as a new item in the inventory with it’s own stock level.

Item Activity History

Item Activity History

Whether you manually adjust stock level, transfer items from one to another warehouse, fulfill orders or receive orders, DataZomo records every activities and provides you the history of the item.

Item Kitting or Bundling

Item Kitting or Bundling

You can bundle multiple items in various quantities to create a Kit. You can create quote, invoice or sales order for Kit. Stock level of individual quantities are automatically deducted once a kit is fulfilled.

Stock Alert

Reorder the stock at right time

You can set the alerts in the DataZomo to remind you to reorder items when they fall below certain threshold. Threshold can be set system wide or to a particular item level. You can create a purchase order from the alert by just one click.

Multiple Warehouses

Multiple Warehouses

You can maintain multiple warehouses – whether they are buildings, trucks or retail stores. When you transfer items among the warehouses then Datamoto provides a simple way of transferring items across the warehouses. You can track each transfer in DataZomo.
Varriaty of our software reports

Powerful Reporting

For any date range, you can generate reports relating to taxes, payments or general revenue. With easy to use filter options, you can customise the results displayed by client, currency, status and many other options. See where you are up to, in seconds, any time.

Purchase & Sale Report

This report shows the total purchase, Purchase Including tax, Purchases with Dues amount; and Total Sale, Sale Including tax, Sale Due.

Tax Reports

Shows the Input & Output Taxes.

Contacts Report(Customers & Suppliers Reports)

This report shows the details of Purchase & Sell with all contacts (Suppliers & Customers) and also any Due amount. Positive Due amount indicates payment by contact, negative indicates payments to the contact.

Stock Report

The stock report displays the stock details. With this, you can track remaining stock and total sold quantity sold for all products.

For variable products – you can click on Green Plus button before SKU column to get details stock report for each product variations.

Trending Products Report

- This report helps you to determine the products demand.
- You can apply different filters to filter the product.
- Select a business Location to view trends for a particular business location.
- Select Product Category, Sub-Category, Brands, Units, Date Range to filter them.
- Set “No. of products” to view the top that amount of product. Using this you can view Top 5, Top 10 or any number of top products.

Expense Report

Expense report helps you to analyze expenses for business locations and also analyze based on expenses categories.

Register Report

View details of all registers and filter registers based on User and/or Status (Open or Closed)

Sales Representative Report

- View Sales and Expenses details of Sales representative
- Filter them with User, Business Location, Date Range
Varriaty of our software reports

Tables, Service Staff, Bookings, Modifiers, Kitchen – for Restaurants, Saloon, Service center & others

This Module come by default in any DataZomo package. you can enable modules in Business Settings -> Module. If those modules are enabled you will be able to see new sections in the menu those modules allow you to manage different kinds of businesses like restaurants, saloons, and any kinds of service center and others ...

Table Module

After table module is enabled go to Settings -> Table
Add all the table of you restaurants by selecting Business Location, Table name & Short Description(optional)
Tables are used in POS screen take order for a particular table.
If you have multiple locations & the logged in user have access to multiple locations then in POS screen you must select the Business Location to get table related to that location.

Service Staff

After Service Staff is enabled go to User Management -> Roles.
Go to – Create or Edit a role. Check the “Service Staff” checkbox for User Type to make to assign Service Staff permission to it.
Orders are assigned to Service Staff in POS screen.
“Service Staff” can see a new menu “Orders” which will help them to know all the orders for them. They can View the order item and change the order status.
Enable service staff for each product in a sale: To assign different service staff for each product in sales/pos screen, go to Business Settings -> POS -> Enable service staff in product line


After Booking module is enabled go to the booking section from the left navigation.
There you will see all “Today’s Bookings”
Also, a calendar is present where you can “Double” click any date to add bookings for it. In add booking screen you can select the Location, Customer, Correspondent, Table, Service Staff, Start & End time. Also, notification can be sent to customers.


Modifiers are like extra stuff that can be added to a product, like extra cheese to a sandwich etc.

Go to Settings -> Modifiers
Click on add
Give a new to modifier set. Like “Cheese”
Enter multiple Modifiers name & price. Like “Single” – 10, Double – 17
Save it.
Click on “Manage Product” for the modifiers.
Associate all products where this modifier can be used. Like Sandwich.
After modifiers are added, in POS screen when the product is added for sale, it will show the modifiers that can be used for this products. Like if we add Sandwich then it will display the “Cheese”, “Bread” modifiers.
Modifiers can be mostly used in Restaurants. Also, it can be used in various other similar businesses & shops.


Go to Kitchen screen from left navigation.
Whenever an order is received in POS screen it will reflect in Kitchen screen.
Order details can be viewed here.
Orders can be marked as cooked. After marking as Cooked it will reflect in Order screen for service provider so that they can serve it the customer.
Data Security

Data Security using (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

Database Secured and crypted

Safety for your Business Data

The DataZomo servers are hosted in a secure datacenter environment, with restricted access – physical and virtual. On a private subnetwork and protected by hardware firewalls, DataZomo is protected against unwanted intrusion to the highest level. Daily code and data backups ensure the best possible recovery in the event of catastrophic failure, and along with full hardware redundancy this gives us virtually 100 percent 'up time'.

Application Level Data Protection

Application Level Data Protection

Create an invoice or upload a file, and it is 'private' by default. Indexing by external search engines or 'robots' is blocked, and all file names encrypted as they are created on the system. It is literally impossible for any client to view anything but his own estimates or invoices – so you can be sure that all your business stays YOUR business.
DataZomo | Human ressources management

Features in HRM module

ToDo List:

- Add new to-do items

- Mark items as completed.

- Delete items

- Date-Wise to-do list.


- Easy document storage to cloud in your server.

- Share documents with other users or other roles.

- Download document.

- Delete documents


- Written message or short notes.

- Share with other users or roles.

- Delete


- Add reminder with event name, date, time.

- One time reminder or Repeated reminder – every day or every week or every month

- Nice calendar view.

Messages and Attendance by admin & other users

- Send messages to everyone within your business.

- Send to a particular location.

- Permission to allow sending or only view.

- Users can add there own attendance, admin can add attendance of every user.

- Attendance fields for admin: Employee, Date, Ip address(auto get the users ip address), note, clock_in_time, clock_out_time.

- Attendace by non-admin users: User can add there own attendance by clicking on “Clock In” button present in top navigation bar and clock-in adding a note. And click on “Clock Out” button before leaving the workplace for checkout and adding a clock-out note.

Leave types

- Only admin can manage leave type (add or edit)

- Fields:
Leave Type: Enter the name of the type of leave.
Max leave counts: Maximum number of leaves allowed for the leave type.
Leave count interval: This can be “Current month” or “Current financial year” or “None”. It is the interval for the maximum leave counts.
For example: If employees can take 12 Sick Leave in 1 year then:
Leave Type = “Sick Leave”
Max leave counts = 12
Leave count interval = “Current financial year”


- Only admin can add payroll & other users can view only there own payroll.

- Reference no. will be generated for Payroll. You can change the Payroll Reference No. prefix from settings.


- Only admin can add holiday.

- Other users can view holidays applicable for there location.

Multi Staff

Multi Staff

Add and 'activate' extra staff members and assign a business location to a user to login and help you manage invoices, enter data ... , create staff roles and permissions easily, assign the roles for each staff member, along with functions to generate reports for each staff member.

Managing Roles and permissions for staff members

Roles and Permissions

Every staff member can have his own customized permissions that suit this position in your business.Also create pre-set roles, which you can assign to a group of staff with the same permissions. and you assign a user a permission to access a specific location or access multiple locations.

Reports for Staff

Reports for Staff

With our powerful reporting, you can follow the progress of each staff member in given permissions.You will be able to track your staff’s timesheet, track expenses by staff,as well as invoices and payments created by each staff.
WooCommerce Banner

1.Synchronize products categories from POS to your online WooCommerce based webshop. (POS to WooCommerce)

2.Synchronize products from POS to your online WooCommerce based webshop. (POS to WooCommerce)

3.Update stock details from POS to WooCommerce (POS to WooCommerce)

4.Synchronize Orders from WooCommece to POS (WooCommerce to POS)

5.Assign different price for the webshop. (Using Selling Price Group feature) 6.Map taxes

7.Shows the details synchronization logs.

8.Auto Synchronization based on Cron jobs.

9.Customizable products field for synchronization during product creation & update.

10.Synchronize product price Including Tax or Excluding tax.

- Enter your products details once, that is only in your POS software.😲

- Click on Synchronize Products button & it’s done. All products information gets send to your WooCommerce store.

- Products Name, Price, Inventory, Categories, tax information, and other details get added to your WooCommerce shop.

- You can also set different prices for your WooCommerce customer. Give them a special price.

- The second problem of managing orders & keeping your accounts sorted gets solved here.😲

- With a click of button sync order from your online customer to POS.

- No matter what – Inventories automatically get adjusted.

- Customer information automatically gets synced & orders get into the customer account.

- Special Tag to highlight the WooCommerce Order.

- Categories also get synced.

- Products are added to the category thet belong to in POS.

- This ensures you don’t have to re-add categories in WooCommerce.

- The category helps customers to better filter products.

- Taxes are important, we have ensured it goes right here as well.

- Map tax from POS to Woo.

- Products will have tax applied to it as per POS.

Logs are important. This gives you a very useful layman’s view of synchorization happening.

- All synchronization details are logged

- Details like

- When last synced?

- Who synced?

- What all get synced?

- Error or Suggestions if any.

For connecting DataZomo to WooCommerce, we need to provide the API details of the WooCommerce shop.

Generating API key: Generate API keys from by following this instruction as given in WooCommerce documentation.

In the permissions select Read/Write access.

Copy Consumer Key & Consumer Secret and paste them in Woocommerce Consumer Key & Woocommerce Consumer Secret.

Woocommerce App URL: Enter the URL where WooCommerce shop is set up. For example http://www.yourstore.com

Enable Auto Sync: If you want the data to be auto-synced then enable this option.

NOTE: After enabling this option you have to add cron job & auto-sync will happen based on the frequency of the cron job. It is advisable to keep this option for developers contact support if you want to activate auto sync cron job.

What is webhook:

Webhook helps you to get live orders from WooCommerce to DataZomo. Meaning whenever there is a new order in WooCommerce website it gets send instantly to DataZomo. This is a nice feature present in this module.

Go to WooCommerce -> API settings -> WebHook settings, there you will find Order Created, Order Updated, Order Deleted, Order restored webhook settings containing Webhook Secret & Webhook Delivery URL

- Copy the Webhook Delivery URL for Order Created and create a new Webhook in WooCommerce. For creating Webhook in WooCommerce refer to this document: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/webhooks/#section-3

1- Name: Give any name which you can recognize.
2- Status: Active
3- Topic: Order Created
4- Delivery URL: Paste the order created delivery URL from DataZomo.
5- Secret: keep it blank.
6- API version: WP REST API version 2

Click on “Save Webhook” in WooCommerce.

Copy the Generated “Secret” from WooCommerce and paste it to Webhook Secret of DataZomo Order Created.

Repeat the above process for all other (Order Updated, Order Deleted, Order restored)

After configuring when a new order comes it will also be updated in DataZomo.

Create your own Invoice template

Build your Invoice Template

First to access the panel of invoice customization go to Settings -> Invoice settings.
With our easy to use tool you can select from a series of invoice templates, add your logo and company details and in moments have an invoice template 'ready to go'. You can also add further fields as required to ensure that any invoice you issue both 'does the business' and 'looks the business'!
Customize your system by changing website colors and logo

Site Colours & Logo

Change the look and feel of your DataZomo system in moments. Upload your logo, change site colours and text display to complete your custom look. Any customisation is automatically applied to all your system pages and forms, including client areas.
Support multiple currencies

Support Multiple Currencies

The DataZomo system will support the use of multiple currencies and taxes. This will allow you to manage invoicing for various countries and remote suppliers. You can set default currencies for specific clients, plus of course create invoice templates for both one-off charges and recurring billing for subscriptions. The system will also separately generate statements and reports in relation to each currency used.
Support for multiple languages

Multiple Language Support

Our software is integrated with multiple languages To change your display language go to “Profile -> My Profile -> Language” Select the language you want to use and save it. This will change all texts to your preferred language. And also you can create templates and issue invoices in virtually any language (including non-Latin based languages). Documents generated by the system are also optimised to display language specific characters correctly.

To modify the labels of custom fields, go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Custom Labels

Deposit Payment

Deposit Payment

This great feature will allow your client to pay a deposit against any issued invoice, and complete final payment later.

Automatique reminders

Automatic Reminders

Create a series of simple email reminder templates, which can be sent by the system at pre-determined times… So rather than you having to remember to send your clients requests for payment or service renewals, DataZomo will do it for you!

Automatique reminders

Attaching Documents

Sometimes you may need to send additional documents relating to your estimate or invoice and this feature will allow you to do that. Simply upload files to your 'document store' and with a single click attach them to your estimate or invoice. This has the added benefit of ensuring that all documents relating to a specific transaction can be kept in the one place.

Multiple Tax Settings (GST, VAT, EXP, etc)

Multiple Tax Settings (GST, VAT, EXP, etc)

On DataZomo you can define all the tax options you may need for your invoices. While creating any invoice you can select any option as required to be applied to one or more items. Combined with the simple reporting mechanisms built into the system, this allows you to easily manage Taxes as required for monthly, quarterly or annual returns.

Customer reward points if the buy

More features of DataZomo
Email sms notifications

Sending automatique sms email notifications.

This great feature will allow you to create notification templates for email and for sms and you can enable the notification to be sent automatically for your suppliers for a invoice that is not arrived yet or for a customer that owns the company money and much more .. you can check this features by registering an account for free and without the need of any credit card.

To Send SMS notifications you need to setup SMS configuration details.

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> SMS settings

from here we can set up SMS for most of the vendors having support for REST API, most of the support it. If not then check with your provider

Go to the REST API documentation of your vendor. Contact your vendor if you can’t find it.

Let us take an example of NEXMO.

Go to documentation: https://developer.nexmo.com/api/sms

You will find “Send an SMS”. Here is how it looks like.

In the right side we have Example request. From the request you can see:

URL: https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json

Send to parameter name: to

Message parameter name: text

Request Method: POSTParameter 1 key: from

Parameter 1 value: Acme IncParameter 2 key: api_key

Parameter 2 value: Parameter 3 key: api_secret

Parameter 3 value: Input all this details and try sending SMS.

You can view SMS status in nexmo account after login.

A similar configuration can be done for most of the providers.

Let the api structure is


So the configuration will be as follows

URL: https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json

Send to parameter name: phone

Message parameter name: text

Request Method: GET

Parameter 1 key: user Parameter 1 value: Parameter 2 key: pass Parameter 2 value: Parameter 3 key: sender Parameter 3 value:

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Email settings

Add all the Email SMTP configuration details & it will work.

First, setup the Email SMTP and/or SMS details in Business settings.

Go to Notification Template

Under Customer Notification you will see New Sales notification.

There you will find the option to enable Auto Send Email & Auto Send SMS, enable it and save.

Now when ever you make a sales a Email or SMS notification will be send to customer.

Important NOTE :

If there is any error in Email or SMS configration then sales will not get submitted, so test it properly.

Email notification will only get send in case the customer have a valid email present

Similary SMS will only get send if the mobile number is present and valid.

NOTE : There are missing features not mentioned in this page, so to discover all the features available on our software please register a FREE account and see for your self, if you have any questions or doubts please contact our support.

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