Our bussiness Solutions

In this page we listed the most important solutions that our software covers, and there is others not mentioned here please create a free account and see for your self, our system is fully customizable for every bussiness needs.

Local Businesses
DataZomo a man shaking another man's hand

Work Order

Cloud based work order application for fast and effective service delivery and organized work

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DataZomo, A huge cargo ship


DataZomo helps you organize your orders, inventory and generate export or commercial invoice.

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DataZomo | Distribution process


Powerful yet simple - A modern cloud based Application for all size of Companies

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DataZomo | A man managing the warehouse


buying and selling goods in large quantities can be challenging DataZomo with his powerful and easy to use inventory can do that easily.

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DataZomo | A man holding a computer managing the process of manufacturing


With Our manufacturing module you can manage your primary materials and final products. from the process of transforming PM to FP. keep track of everything.

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DataZomo | Education


DataZomo can be customized to sell services and serve as a accouting and billing software. You can Create detailed profiles of your students add notes upload documents, Shedule and manage meetings send quick emails to parents...

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DataZomo | Materials that a salon use

Beauty Saloon and Spa

Your upcoming appointments would be clearly represented on DataZomo comprehensive dashboard, completed with the Productivity Meter and the graph diagrams shows your revenue and income and expenses, Schedule appointments and manage bookings and clients

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DataZomo | Illustration of a restaurants with people in it eating and drinking.

Restaurants, Bars

Table,Service Staff and modifiers work perfectly with the pos system so you can control your system perfectly with advanced reports. Learn More

DataZomo | Two engineers planning for a new project


You can create purchase orders for goods and services in multiple currencies. You can setup for a multi-level approval workflow for purchase orders. DataZomo supports secure email approval. It sends notification and reminder to approvers to approve the pending approvals. Learn More

DataZomo | Human ressources management (HRM)

Human ressources management

Manage your business from the buttom to the top with advanced features that will allow you to manage your company effectively.

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DataZomo | Sale period on a supermarket

Super Market

Online point of sale with advanced features and yet convenient. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world with advanced reports and easy to read and understand.

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DataZomo | A women and a man standing proudly to fix everything

Multi Service Center

Our software could be customized to sell services. Example of use: Repairing shop, saloon, Web development, Plumber, Restaurants, Shops that sell services, Agencies, Medical ...

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DataZomo | illustration of a women working in a pharmacy


Enable exipiry date for products and lote number in your software and start selling product with the point of sale system. be alerted when a product is close to exipiring or when the stock is low ...

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DataZomo | Illustration of two man ready to shake hand for a trading deal

DataZomo Software For Traders

Create different layouts of your invoices customize them, Get partially paid or Partially ship your products and change the status whatever you want, create a customer groups and manage your customers and/or suppliers ...

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DataZomo | Illustration of A front store

Retail stores

DataZomo provides a free accounting & billing system for retail stores. Our user friendly inventory management and accounting system makes it easy to create sales invoices, quickly select products using the barcode reader or select them from the list of products and print it. If any taxes are due, add them to the invoice or calculate them for any specific duration.

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DataZomo | Illustration of Launderers and drycleaners

Launderers and drycleaners management

DataZomo is an integrated billing software for managing laundry and ironing businesses. It is online laundry management software that allows following‐up clients, and scheduling delivery of dry cleaned and laundered clothes. DataZomo is also a free invoice maker that generates invoices of dry cleaning and pressing services. With DataZomo your clients are always updated with your business latest news, services and offers.

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DataZomo | Illustration of a court and law domain

Accounting System for Law Firms

DataZomo provides a free, unique Invoicing and accounting System developed for the legal industry. Our user friendly online management and accounting system makes it easy to organize your law firm. Our system will fully automate your office meaning you and your staff are working in the areas that matter, allowing you to provide a better service to your clients and run a more profitable business. Please take a look at some of the features by clicking through our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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DataZomo | Illustration of an airplane to a tropical location

Travel Agency & Tourism Management, Billing and Accounting Software

DataZomo Software provides you with lots of benefits that can be very essential and pretty useful to your business needs, since it can provide you with many advanced features and tools to manage your travel agency, assists you to create invoices for tour packages and programs such as (internal & external tours), arrange meeting appointments with tourists, store your essential documents in a safe place, notify tourists about the latest updates/offers related to your business, follow up with tourist requests related to their flights and hotel accommodations, make professional accurate travel arrangements.

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