Online education and student information management system.

DataZomo allows you to create detailed profile page for each student including personal information, classes, course progress, attendance (for that you will to choose a package with Hrm), and payment history.
Add notes and upload documents from tutors and share them with your staff members or student or parents, Schedule and manage meeetings / appointments, also you can send quick email or sms to parents using pre made templates and keep all the history of all notes and all your transactions.
Issue invoices for courses, educational tools, and training materials, automatic recurring invoice generation for subscriptions and recurring tuition fees, receive payments online for the issued invoices by credit or cash or by any payment method you wish for, track expenses for school as well as income and taxes. Manage and track sales, purchase orders, and suppliers.

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Tracking your business with advanced features

Keep track and manage your stock levels effectively.

Create multiple inventories or one and keep track of the hygiene and educational materials and supplies, stock levels and movements.
Set minimum stock and be alerted when an item is running low in stock, manage different material suppliers and their contacts list.
Create multiple staff members and assign to every staff member an access permission to the system, divide work tasks between your colleagues and staff members set targets for you business,Set clear objectives and milestones.
The best way to know if the system suits your needs is to try it.

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