Business Solution for International Trade Operations.

DataZomo has been designed from the ground up for wholesalers and distributors – especially importers and exporters. DataZomo offers important functionalities for importers and exporters such as landed cost tracking, Shipping Changes, Taxes, Partial shipping, multi-currency support and warehouse management to aid with inventory logistics. These features are part of DataZomo’s all-in-one ERP software that includes inventory management, accounting, order entry, invoicing, POS, quoting and more.

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DataZomo import export process management

Tracking your business with advanced features

Benefits of using DataZomo Export Import solution.

With DataZomo you can create multiple invoice templates customize them and choose one as default, Create different format of packing list.Automatic cost calculation and you can manage the stock of purchased and sold goods, manage your business with +20 different reports generate charts and track expenses and adjust spending, track your journal with logs of every transaction made.
For the workflow possibility to digitize your entire import-export process, track orders, shipments, and consignments, Attach notes or documents and set deadlines while processing clients’ requests.

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Benefits of using DataZomo from the side of HRM, and logistics.

DataZomo allows you to assign tasks to every team member, create a full payroll through your staff listing set designations and departments control your business to the fullest, Define staff roles and customize everyone's access to a specific location and a specific access to the system.
Intergrated multiple warehouse and inventory management of product and services, Create Combo product intemize your products and receive stock alerts when your product is running low, manage purchase orders and automaticaly notify suppliers.

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