Business Solution for Manufacturing Operations.

DataZomo has been designed from the ground up for Manufacturers – especially small and medium Manufacturers. DataZomo offers important functionalities for Manufacturers such as creating Formulas, Adding Ingredients/raw materials, manage wastage %, create output quantity, manage Production cost, and save to your logs recipe instructions and much more

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Manufacturing process using DataZomo

Managing the stream of production

Why using DataZomo manufacturing module.

DataZomo manufacutring module was designed to suit the essential needs of a growing manufacturing business, you can add reference No, add business location where the manufacturing process will be added, select product for manufacturing based on the product it will display the formula and the ingredients for the product, add quantity of the final product, input quantity of raw ingredients wich will be used for production, set production cost and wasted quantity. When the manufacturing process is finished this will remove the stock of raw ingredients and add stock for manufactured product

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