Business Solution for Multi service center and repair center .

DataZomo has been designed from the ground up for Multi service center and repair center, you can create a detailed profile page for each client including personal informations and any desired informations that you wish to enter, add notes on each work order to each customer profile, shedule and manage appointments with exact date, and time of delivery, automate your business with follow up calls, emails, SMS, and text to keep your clients updated. Send estimates and issue invoices in an organized and a professional manner, Track your client's payments and different payment methods , Track the expense and income of your business and be able to quickly make decisions.

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Tracking your business with advanced features

Why Using DataZomo Multi service center.

Keep track of parts and equipment with our inventory management set up multiple inventories if you wish adjust stock between them when it's needed, keep track of stock and view a full history log for stock movement, Be sent reminders when an item is low in stock, Place new order instantly with our Simple yet powerful inventory, quickly see what product are selling to which customers, see full reports of trending products, Income vs expenses ...
The best way to have an idea about our software is to register a free account in just 30seconds and see for your self.

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Benefits of using DataZomo from the side of HRM, and logistics.

DataZomo allows you to assign tasks to every team member, create a full payroll through your staff listing set designations and departments control your business to the fullest, Define staff roles and customize everyone's access to a specific location and a specific access to the system.
Intergrated multiple warehouse and inventory management of product and services, Create Combo product intemize your products and receive stock alerts when your product is running low, manage purchase orders and automaticaly notify suppliers.

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