Business Solution for Salon and Spa.

DataZomo online ERP is an all-in-one inventory management and accounting system designed specifically for Beauty Salon and spa businesses, including those in the salon and cosmetic distribution industry. Functionality includes:
AR/AP general ledger, Bank management etc .. inventory/warehouse management, purchase order, Booking system, Order entry and invoicing, Ecommerce intergration, all payments methods processing, Contact/suppliers management and CRM,HRM, landed cost tracking, Lot and Expiry date Tracking, Point of sale system (POS)
Your upcoming appointments would be clearly represented on DataZomo comprehensive dashboard, completed with the Productivity Meter and the graph diagrams shows your revenue and income, Trending services and/or Products ..., Get to know everything related to your business through the vital tabs displaying your latest issues "Invoices" and their current statuses ("Paid", "Draft", "Partially Paid, "Unpaid"), Your upcoming schedule "Appointments", your products that running low, your total profit & loss, all presented in simple graph diagrams.

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DataZomo import export process management

Tracking your business with advanced features

Benefits of using DataZomo Salon and spa solution.

Create and arrange appointments with your client with the required action for each client, Assign appointments to hair stylists or barbers according to the business needs and you vision, Get list of all daily action done line appointments and transactions and also actions to be done
With DataZomo you can create a full detailed profile for each customer with the details of the last performed action and the things needed to be saved, get a quick list of clients with different statuses (who need confirmation calls), fill your schedule then manage it all through using one screen, store your full list of clients with their contact and personal details, Track your makeup, skincare, hair products, cosmetics supplies, and materials stock, Get a list of all stock movements and transactions for any product, Get alerted and notified when a product or products are running low on stock so that your business would not be affected or interrupted.

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Online Point of Sale system.

DataZomo’s Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality is designed for selling services and products and can be used with barcode readers, cash drawers, receipt printers and display poles. The POS features are completely integrated with DataZomo’s inventory management and accounting functionality for managing GL, A/R, commissions, booked sales reports, taxes, and more. Manage multiple store configurations, payment types, and currencies. In addition, DataZomo’s POS software is hosted in top companies, providing businesses peace of mind that customers will never be left unable to shop in-store, even in the event of a network disruption.

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DataZomo point of sale system

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