Business Solution for WholeSale Operations.

WholeSale and Distribution businesses are similar in many ways. DataZomo inventory management, accounting and contact management software has been designed with the wholesaler and distributor in mind. With a focus on robust inventory management features, DataZomo helps your wholesale business automate and streamline processes across all departments. With DataZomo, you eliminate the need to manage data in multiple, stand-alone systems. For more information on how we fit distribution businesses, Click on learn more.

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WholeSale process from the warehouse to the ditributor to the client with datazomo erp software

Tracking your business with advanced features

WholeSale process is easy with DataZomo.

DataZomo helps your business to grow with very advanced tools, Select products quickly with barcode scanners, Lot(Batch) tracking, Order Entry and invoicing, Landed cost tracking, Purchase order, Multiple warehouse, Transfert goods from warehouse to warehouse in one click, E-commerce intergration, HRM and CRM intergrated and much more with DataZomo you will reduce manual processes and automate your business. Faster business process management and quick decision making.

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